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Paynovate is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), licensed by the National Bank of Belgium. With significant experience in the issuing, acquiring, and payments technology sector, we make funds collection simple, secure, and trusted. We offer our B2B clients in-store, vending, and online acquiring, as well as Visa payment card issuing and Belgian IBAN bank accounts. Our solutions enable simple, secure and reliable payment flow management. We offer our professional customers a complete service allowing the management of commercial payments, from the provision of payment terminals in stores, the management of card payments at their point of sale or via their e-commerce site, the issuance of Visa payment cards, the provision of Belgian IBAN bank accounts compatible with the SWIFT and SEPA schemes and as well as a large number of other direct debit and bank transfer solutions. In summary, Paynovate offers its business customers a full range of innovative payment solutions.

Paynovate: your provider of simple, secure, and innovative electronic payment solutions.

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