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Reinventing the checkout

eCommerce, retail, streaming and other digital services firms are embracing innovative thinking to create powerful, exciting business and customer experiences. Progressive merchants like Farfetch perceive payments as more than just a mere business necessity. Rather, they see payments as an opportunity for them to shift value across the organization, acting, in many ways, like a Fintech themselves. These companies are redesigning the checkout; they are driving control of their top-line revenue by improving their ability to both optimize the performance of every transaction and increase their control over how they pay out their partners.

Why does this matter? These businesses fundamentally understand that there is a fintech opportunity for any organization that is making online payment transactions. They see this because they are innovators; they are the fast-movers, so when they smell a new opportunity to grow their complex models, they see no choice but to tap into it.

Guillaume Pousaz, CEO & Founder,
Mark Hobbs, Head of Payments & Fraud, Farfetch
Emily Nicolle, Fintech Journalist

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