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Paymentology is the first truly global issuer-processor. We enable banks and high-performing fintechs to issue cards anywhere in the world and scale up rapidly as they grow. Our superior cloud-based infrastructure, vast global presence, and real-time data set us apart as the leader in payments.

In 2021, Paymentology was acquired by a leader of the payments world, SaltPay – a European-based global payments business, and a formidable, new force in the payments market, with the same funders that grew Paypal. SaltPay brings Paymentology significant funding to keep growing and improving our delivery on uptime, time to market, and cutting-edge, innovative features for clients.

Today, Paymentology represents a global superpower in payments. With clients such as Revolut, Standard Chartered Mox, Standard Bank, Livi, Tyme Bank, Bank Al Etihad, NatWest’s Mettle and more, Paymentology has a proven track record of providing innovative, trusted, robust and scalable processing for banks across the globe.

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