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Patrícia Duarte

__1. Why is a programme like RiseUp so important for the fintech industry?__
The RiseUp programme allows you to meet wonderful and successful professionals worldwide and provides you with insightful knowledge of the different experiences in the fintech industry. Also, it creates a community that is already huge but is growing along with the market. The subjects are held by success cases that help us to retrieve the best value and wisdom.

__2. How has RiseUp helped you further your career?__
The RiseUp programme has changed me in many ways: Confidence, Leadership, Technology, Business and Culture are some of the pillars I've grown up with. It made me realise that if you share your experiences and meet new horizons, you can achieve anything.

__3. What advice would you give other women when applying to RiseUp?__
Be transparent and be YOU. There is no receipt for being yourself, each person is unique, and the value is in sharing your experiences and knowledge. Take advantage of all the content and network. It has been life-changing for me.

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