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Olia Gladkova

__1. Why is a programme like RiseUp so important for the fintech industry?__
I have been in the financial services industry for more than ten years. Men largely dominate it, and there is discrimination toward women in terms of career development, training, and on top of that, there is often sexual harassment. Therefore there are not enough female role models that have managed to break through the system's limitations. The RiseUp programme brings women together where we can share our experiences and support each other.

__2. How has RiseUp helped you further your career?__
I started to interact with my colleagues and superiors differently. I also began to strive for a different balance between work and personal life. In the past, I was not as vocal about promotions or asking for additional training, whereas after the RiseUp programme, I started doing so.

__3. What advice would you give other women when applying to RiseUp?__
Apply, apply, apply! It is great to meet other women and female role models that inspire you to do more for yourself and give you the support you need and deserve to succeed.

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