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NOTARIFY Notarify is a Blockchain Company offering Digital Certification platforms and services for cyber security, anti-fraud and Electronic Signature with remote KYC. Notarify is an Italian startup, with 5,000 users, 2 million notarized files with 5 offices around the world (Milan, Luxembourg, Singapore, Dubai and Malaga).Our mission is to help companies to protect data, documents, signatures and digital identities, offering full control with document traceability solutions.Our goal is to become "The Google of the Blockchain": providing killer applications to use the power of Blockchain and make web3 as easy as web2.Notarify3 is the SaaS platform known as a "Dropbox Web3," i.e., a document management system that enables digital certification in automatic Blockchain. Thus, it is the most comprehensive Data Room to create legal evidence of any file, store, share, sign, track data or document. The platform is all-in-one, bringing together the best of cloud, blockchain and AI to save time and resources, improving the user experience and simplifying business processes, allowing you to maintain control over every sharing activity and protecting you from a legal perspective. The certification is eternal and applies without territorial boundaries (unlike those of traditional use). In addition to document management, Notarify has developed a track&trace solution named Blackbox+: It’s a plug and play service which allows you to connect your software and authenticate data streams of any nature, without transferring the possession of sensitive data, in full compliance with ISO 27001 and privacy standards.