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My EU Pay x Straal

My EU Pay is joining forces with Straal under the Finteva group*, providing merchants with a one-stop-shop solution for all their digital payment needs. With Straal's expertise in secure and efficient card processing solutions, combined with My EU Pay's industry-leading know-how on payment services, Finteva offers customized payment solutions to suit the specific needs of merchants.

Simplify your digital payment processing with best-in-class gateway Through Straal, merchants can securely accept payments online from cards and other alternative payment methods. Our user-friendly gateway simplifies digital payment processing by increasing the card acceptance ratio, reducing transaction costs, and providing cutting-edge prevention and risk management tools to help merchants mitigate the risk of fraud and chargebacks. Our white-label checkout lets merchants maintain control over their brand throughout the entire customer journey, ensuring a seamless and frictionless customer experience while meeting their specific needs.

Automate payment reconciliation with innovative vIBAN solution My EU Pay offers merchants dedicated vIBANs to automate the reconciliation of their incoming digital payments, with a unique vIBAN allocated to each merchant's customers. Our vIBANs are reachable via SEPA Instant, enabling almost real-time payments. This groundbreaking solution allows not only merchants but also regulated institutions to service their underlying clients, with all functionalities reachable via API.

With a wider range of digital payment solutions, merchants can focus on growing their business, leaving the payment processing to the experts. Let us help you revolutionize your digital payments with Finteva.

*Currently awaiting Change in Control approval for the acquisition of both My EU Pay and Straal.

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