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Monty Finance UK

Launched in 2021, Monty Finance UK is a global financial technology service provider with clear ambitions to cater to the needs of underserved, unsatisfied, and unbanked communities through a portfolio of services across multiple verticals and markets. In addition to driving financial inclusion, Monty Finance is a neobank enabler leveraging on its wide range of expertise and know-how to support banks, fintech startups or even technology companies, throughout their digital transformation journey and help them scale their business. On the other hand, being the digital banking Fintech arm of Monty Holding, Monty Finance provides, a neo banking platform, MyMonty, that offers an empowering digital banking experience along with competitive offers, and advanced AI-backed features. Monty Finance also offers financial convenience with MontyPay, the safest and most advanced global payment gateway providing a unique range of innovative payment services for a seamless online payment journey.

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