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Louise Maynard-Atem

__1. Why is a programme like RiseUp so important for the fintech industry?__
The fintech industry can play a key role in social mobility around the world. The fintech sector needs to reflect the many diverse communities it is serving. The RiseUp programme helps to shine a light on the brilliant female talent within the fintech community, allowing them to create a platform so that they can become role models for other women and provide the tools to help them advance in their careers.

__2. How has RiseUp helped you further your career?__
The programme provided me with tangible and practical advice from industry leaders who have become great mentors to me and helped me better navigate my career progression. Most importantly, the RiseUp programme has introduced to me a wonderful cohort of ambitious, driven and supportive women who have been my inspiration, my biggest cheerleaders, and my constant sounding boards. The value that my fellow RiseUp alumni have brought to my career and my life is immeasurable.

__3. What advice would you give other women when applying to RiseUp?__
I very nearly didn’t apply to the programme. I was convinced that I didn’t have enough or the right experience and that I would be wasting my time because there were so many more worthy applicants than me. Self-doubt can so often be the biggest barrier to our own progression. So my advice to any woman who is in the same position that I was and thinking that they shouldn’t apply, ignore that voice! You are more than capable and totally deserving. You lose absolutely nothing by putting yourself out there and have everything to gain if you are selected for the programme.

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