Over the last decade, Lithuania has built a vibrant technology ecosystem with Fintech at its epicentre. Now ranked among the TOP 10 Fintech locations globally, Lithuania is the EU's biggest Fintech hub by the number of licensed companies (147). But there’s plenty of room for more.

Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, was recently named one of the most innovative European cities. Here and across Lithuania, the Fintech scene is bustling with companies ready to sandbox and take their ideas to the next level. Whether in software engineering, product development or compliance & AML, we know how to connect stakeholders quickly to help companies innovate, thrive and grow.

The development of Lithuania’s Fintech ecosystem is only possible thanks to the joint efforts of governmental institutions, regulators, associations and private initiatives. That’s why Lithuania’s booming Fintech sector has a clear vision and well-defined future goals.

But there’s another key ingredient to continuous success – the tight-knit but welcoming Fintech community. In Lithuania, people cooperate, exchange ideas, and go that extra mile to co-create global solutions. They turn common interests into partnerships and ideas into action. It’s this collaboration that empowers us to keep Lithuania a strong, resilient Fintech hub long into the future.

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