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Australian Trade and Investment Commission's Pavilion Partner


Lextech is an Australian developer of software solutions for banking and legal applications and property transactions. We have been working alongside Lenders and conveyancing industry experts for over 15 years to create a one-of-a-kind software, LEXTECH.

LEXTECH, our flagship product, is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for Mortgage Lenders to streamline their back-end processes and facilitate efficient mortgage completion. By integrating Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors, Conveyancers, and other Mortgage Lenders onto a unified platform, LEXTECH provides live updates on file progress and completion milestones for enhanced visibility.

Users of our platform have been able to achieve same day as loan approval completion (in Australia) by utilizing electronic signatures and the extensive features and automations that the platform provides. Saving all parties time in identifying the milestones to completion of a file, and ensuring all parties are updated as the file progresses. This saves parties the hassle of having to contact each other every time there is an update.

Within the UK market, Lextech seeks to offer users technological benefits such as better time management, transparency of party requirements and completion of all necessary tasks to a high standard throughout file management. Dramatically reducing the turnaround time of their file milestones to completion.

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