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kennek offers a unique ‘plug & play’ infrastructure for lending and credit.

The kennek SaaS solution offers a complete, connected and scalable infrastructure for lenders, credit investors and any company looking to launch its own (embedded) credit offering. kennek helps lenders, investors and other alternative lending actors to scale operations, enhance risk management and access funding sources via its marketplace.

kennek’s ultimate mission is to reduce the funding gap in the real economy. Its one-stop solution gives any lender and credit investor, irrespective of their size, access to a professional, reliable and scalable system at an affordable price. This facilitates the flow of capital to companies that are the cornerstone of the economy.

Founded in 2021 by credit experts and repeat fintech entrepreneurs, kennek’s vertical SaaS platform bundles together the best-in-class vendors in credit scoring, open banking, data extraction and more - into one user-friendly integrated and connected system.

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