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Live since October 2018 Fintech Kani Payments is growing at pace, reconciling over €5bn in payments for their fintech customers within 2021, supporting other Fintechs in being able to launch and scale faster. Kani is an award winning SaaS platform which brings automation, accuracy & compliance to reconciliation and reporting; usually manual and time consuming back-office processes carried out by finance teams, to account for payment transactions. Awarded the Leading Financial Services or Payments Start-Up by the Emerging Payments Association, Kani is now integrated with many of the major payments processors as well as having clients and partners within the payments and fintech industry across five continents, including Paysafe, Equals Money, Sodexo, Moorwand, Hay, OnePay and global Banking-as-a-Service leader, Railsbank. Kani is a payments-data ingestion and analytics tool. It reduces complexity by consuming data from across the payments landscape, bringing automation to the manual finance process, allowing back-office finance teams to use Kani to reconcile and report on their large & contrasting data sets in seconds, instead of weeks. Born out of Founder Aaron Holmes’ 20 years experience of working within payments and as Chief Innovation officer at global processor, GPS, he experienced the complexity and problems first hand of manual reconciliations & scheme reporting and is now on a mission to reduce complexity for Fintech's globally.

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