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Invest in Latvia

Invest in Latvia is the premier frontline service brand managed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Our mission is to assist global businesses and investors by providing comprehensive, confidential, and completely free-of-charge services and support for investment decisions. Our expertise ranges from detailed insights into the local market to practical assistance in setting up operations, such as opening offices in Latvia.

Services Offered:

  • Investment Consultation: Tailored advice on investment opportunities and business environment.
  • Site Selection: Assistance in finding the ideal location for your business operations.
  • Regulatory Guidance: Up-to-date information on regulations, compliance, and incentives.
  • Networking Support: Connections with local industry leaders, government officials, and service providers.

Why Latvia for Fintech: Latvia’s fintech scene is rapidly emerging as a dynamic and innovative hub within Europe. The country boasts a robust digital infrastructure, a strong regulatory framework, and a thriving ecosystem of fintech startups and enterprises. Highlights include:

  • Innovative Environment: Latvia is home to numerous fintech startups and accelerators, focusing on solutions from payments and blockchain to cybersecurity and insurtech.
  • Supportive Regulations: The Latvian government has implemented favorable policies to foster fintech growth, including digital identification and e-residency programs. . Connect with Us at Money 20/20: Visit the Invest in Latvia booth to explore how we can assist your fintech business to flourish in Latvia. Our team of experts will be available to discuss your specific needs and how Latvia’s vibrant ecosystem can contribute to your success.

We look forward to meeting you at Money 20/20!

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