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Innovation Agency Lithuania spearheads the Lithuanian innovation landscape, propelling innovation across business growth phases with tailored services. Our focus on sustainable economic development through scientific knowledge and advanced technologies benefits startups and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Our global stance positions us as the entry point for foreign businesses, facilitating Lithuanian partnerships and fostering joint initiatives in mutual markets. We're valued partners to international business associations, chambers, and governmental bodies, enhancing Lithuania's global competitiveness.

Lithuania stands as an ICT powerhouse, celebrated for its robust infrastructure, a reservoir of ambitious talents, and pioneering tech firms. Boasting 42,000 ICT experts, we rank 5th worldwide for digital prowess (IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2021). Our innovation-rich environment nurtures 1000+ startups.

Central to our ICT sector is Fintech, soaring from 44 companies in 2014 to 263 in 2022. Lithuania's cyber strength is evident, ranking 6th globally in the National Cybersecurity Index and 4th in the EU's ITU Global Cybersecurity Index. The game development sector surges with untapped potential.

Lithuania's expertise in automation and AI primes us for future growth. Our primary ICT export destinations include the USA (over 18% of companies), Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands, amplifying Lithuania's tech prowess on a global scale.

Embrace the essence of Innovation Agency Lithuania and the thriving Lithuanian ICT domain at Money 20/20 2024. Together, let's navigate the boundless avenues of innovation, scripting a future where technology revolutionizes the world.

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