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INEO is a digital identification and anti-fraud service company that helps financial players to manage their KYC and onboarding process in a very simple, safe and omnichannel way. INEO digitizes the onboarding process on every company-customer touchpoint, integrating both remotely and face-to-face and, as a Trust Service Provider always ensures the best digital KYC with real-time anti-fraud and AML checks. INEO’s customers are supported by a back office of 20+ anti-fraud operators who manage any alerts and II-level checks, guaranteeing a complete and efficient process management. INEO’s solutions cover every phase of the onboarding process: biometric recognition, KYC/KYB and AML checks, digital signature and CRM platforms. "Simple onboarding experience" is the promise INEO makes with its clients: no more frictions during processes, a drastic reduction of the churn-rate and a smart management on every touchpoint with innovative and patented solutions.