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IFX Payments

IFX Payments has strategically pivoted from being an exclusive foreign exchange brokerage firm, delivering spot and forward currency contracts, into a BaaS (Banking as a Service) Fintech focused on offering frictionless digital payment solutions, which culminated in the innovation of ibanq. ibanq is a multi-currency, virtual IBAN platform integrated directly into IFX's foreign exchange and global payments network which allows corporate clients to maintain, manage and distribute funds in up to 39 currencies from one single account. Accessed via either an online web-portal or API, the platform is designed for businesses operating in industries with a host of multi-jurisdictional treasury management demands such as currency exposure, varying payment routes needs, mass payment requirements and reconciliation issues. ibanq enables customers to segregate and streamline remittance and collection flows with 100% accuracy by utilizing the platform's ability to create flexible and purpose-specific sub-accounts. ibanq is fully fused with IFX's mass payment capabilities and can track payments and account activity with real-time reporting and audit log. The combination of these features creates a seamless, transparent and time-saving digital cash management platform that allows businesses to focus on the things that really matter to them.

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