IDology is a GBG company at the forefront of shaping global identity verification and fraud prevention. A pioneer of end-to-end, multi-layered solutions that drive customer acquisition and deter fraud while maintaining compliance, IDology empowers businesses with the data control and transparency needed to detect fraud and build trust a fast-moving digital world. When rapid changes in consumer behavior and fraud drive data shifts, IDology delivers the level of data control, granularity and data insight businesses need to respond quickly, with agility and precision.

Fortified by a hybrid of human fraud expertise and artificial intelligence, IDology’s solutions fuse thousands of physical and digital data sources to deliver unmatched locate rates so businesses can approve more legitimate customers without friction and deliver a seamless customer journey for long-term loyalty and revenue growth. IDology helps businesses maintain compliance, reduce risk and stay ahead of shifting fraud trends with powerful roundtrip data intelligence and a collaborative network that delivers real-time fraud insights across industries. Many of the largest technology and financial services companies in the world rely on IDology for seamless identity verification that helps them build trust, deter fraud and outperform the competition.

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