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hCaptcha is the #1 privacy-first bot mitigation platform. hCaptcha Enterprise offers unparalleled accuracy in detection and mitigation of fraud and abuse, with comprehensive solutions to protect online properties from both automated and semi-automated attacks.

hCaptcha solutions protect category leaders in every industry, including many of the largest European enterprises and governments. A powerful and low-friction challenge platform combines with modern machine learning to deliver class-leading accuracy, scalability, and advanced security to protect organizations. hCaptcha's unique edge-driven architecture keeps all data ephemeral and processes requests from over 250 locations, ensuring data and processing occur very close to the user.

The platform also offers advanced, enterprise-ready features like Private Learning, Zero PII modes, zero friction and passive "No-CAPTCHA" options, custom challenges, and an APT mitigation suite to address the most sophisticated and persistent threats. Its unique privacy-first design also complies with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPL and other regulations and mandates.

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