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GUAVAPAY is a global payment platform that is designed to drive optimisation and stability. GUAVAPAY’s full-stack payment ecosystem includes a range of technology products and solutions, suchas a Payments-as-a-Service platform, card processing, cross-border payments, merchant acquiring, card issuing and e-wallet.

Our modular structure empowers our customers with the flexibility to incorporate multiple payment and processing solutions into one platform. Whatever our customers’ needs are, our breakthrough platform can help them with integration, processing and transacting globally.

We aim to take our place on the forefront of payment disruption bringing on the market innovative solutions for flawless and invisible payments.

We’re active participants in several international payment networks, including BACS, CHAPS, SEPA, SWIFT and the Faster Payments Service, enabling us to secure efficient and fully compliant global payments. As principal members of Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay International as well, we offer our customers a combination of payment scheme opportunities, with cutting-edge technology that can be used by our partners to process, provide and make payments globally.

With head office in London, GUAVAPAY continuous expansion comprise of subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Lithuania, Turkey, Singapore, Spain and Mexico.

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