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These a few of her favourite things

With our Connections App now live you should be getting ahead of the game and booking meetings as we speak. We don’t want to ruin any surprises, but you know the agenda, you’ve seen the speaker announcements, the company attendee list keeps growing, networking parties are back and now Gina Clarke, Money20/20 Europe’s Content Director, wants to share what’s in her personal notes with you..

"Let me share my top tips, favourite things, and what to watch out for."

Fav sessions: My phone will be on do-not-disturb for these sessions.

/ Access to your banking data is a must whether you’re on the move or in branch, which is why I'm looking forward to this discussion between AWS and HSBC on what is needed to excel in omnichannel banking.

/ From charity to payments and now NFTs, Helen Hai, Senior VP at Binance, (she’s a busy woman) will for sure give us the inside scoop into all of the above.

/ At Money20/20 we embrace the hard topics. Culture over quota: How can Fintech lead the way is a session that calls for a wider conversation. This is dialogue that matters.

/ As one of the fastest growth industries, Fintech is lauded for its innovation. But the big question is: How should open finance adapt amidst a worldwide cost of living crisis? Hmm, reminds me, I must check my energy bill.

Top tips:

/ Stay hydrated and well-fed - Hydration stations and free food everywhere.

/ Wear comfortable shoes - You don’t want a blister.

/ Use the Connections App to network with top notch contacts.

/ Check the small print! Some stages require more time than others and you don’t want to miss headline sessions because you need the toilet.

/ Pack like a pro - Bring only essentials as they’ll be on your person all day.

New to this year:

From solving a problem (Start up reverse pitch) to giving us the solution (VCs and their successful investments) this year we're trying something new that we think will bring together two very special groups of individuals. It’s giving pitch perfect vibes.text in italic

Where content lives, the stages, oh the stages, we’ve got…

/ Big Picture Stage - Blockbuster platform for the biggest ideas in Fintech, yes there’s popcorn!

/ The M Pulse Stage- The heartbeat of content, no flatliners here.

/ The Plantarium Stage - Where ideas are planted and nourished, get it? Evolution Stage - Pitch black to the extreme, might need a torch to find a seat.

/ Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Club - Think the Late Late Show with James Corden mixed with your favourite stand-up night.

/ The Exchange - Worst-kept secret and will need 45min of your time. Key piece of advice, keep your notifications on! You’ve been warned.

/ RiseUp - A closed door but empowering space, very exciting.