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Money20/20 Europe attendees can qualify for quarantine exemption

21 - 23 September 2021, Amsterdam

We've got great news for you: fully vaccinated travellers from around the world are welcome in the Netherlands, and if travelling to Amsterdam to attend Money20/20, can qualify for an exemption to the quarantine that's currently in place for some countries (including the UK, USA & Israel).

Yes, you read that right. Fully vaccinated Money20/20 Europe attendees travelling from countries on the Netherlands’ “very high risk” list, who would otherwise need to quarantine on arrival in Amsterdam, can qualify for an exemption and will not have to quarantine when they travel to Money20/20 Europe. So there's nothing stopping you from flying straight to Amsterdam from 21-23 September to be part of the show.

Travelling from the UK? Find out more

Travelling from the USA, Israel or another country on the "very high risk" list? Find out more

How do I qualify?

No further action is required on your part other than to ensure that when you book your passes, the first and last names on your pass match the first and last names on your passport and other travel documents.

Once you've booked, we'll be in touch with instructions on what you will need to show when you are travelling to prove that you can qualify for this exemption. You’ll need to bring with you the personalised paperwork we send you, and fill in your quarantine declaration form as we advise. Then, you can get on with getting back to business, away from your screen.

What do I need to do to get into the show?

Each day, you’ll need two things to get into the show: your Money20/20 badge and a wristband, which you’ll pick up by passing through a government health checkpoint at the Rai. A new wristband is required for each day of the show.

There are 2 ways to pass through the checkpoint each day and get your wristband:

  1. Proof of vaccination


  1. Negative Covid test result.

What safety measures will there be onsite?

The moment you enter Money20/20 Europe we're here to ensure you experience the most comprehensive set of safety measures designed to help keep you safe, while connecting with fintech's brightest and bold community.

Check out our full safety measures and FAQs below.

Still need help? We got you covered. Get in touch with the Money20/20 Europe Team via our Contact Us page here.

Want to see who's already coming?

With 1000+ companies already attending (and growing every day), get back to business IN REAL LIFE. With no quarantine!

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