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Money20/20 announces the finalists for Europe’s Got Access, the ultimate climate fintech startup battle

London, 23 May 2023 – Money20/20, the world’s leading fintech show, regarded as the place where money does business, today announced the finalists for its highly anticipated pitch battle, Europe’s Got Access, showcasing the most innovative and eco-conscious climate fintech startups across Europe.

Building on the success of America’s Got Access, launched at Money20/20 USA in 2022, Europe's Got Access presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for startups to demonstrate their most groundbreaking products and services in the climate fintech space. The finalists will compete for a game-changing $100,000 USD (uncapped SAFE note) from Commerce Ventures, live on the Encore stage at Money20/20 Europe, taking place at RAI Amsterdam on 6-8 June.

The winner of Europe's Got Access will be announced on Wednesday, 7 June at 17:00 CET.

Dan Rosen, Founder & General Partner at Commerce Ventures: “As a thematic investor in financial services innovations, we’re excited to meet some of the brightest entrepreneurs who are building at the intersection of climate and fintech. Our hope is to invest in high-growth companies that also help make the world better; we’re excited to meet the finalists at Money 20/20 EGA who are turning this into a reality.”

Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Money20/20, said: “Europe's Got Access has been designed to give climate champions and fintech innovators a platform to unite and create a greener financial future. This is very much at the core of what Money20/20 stands for, as the place where the industry’s boldest and brightest voices delve into the challenges we’re facing now and shape together what comes next for the money ecosystem in Europe and beyond.”

Katherine Brown, Head of Inclusive Impact & Sustainability at Visa Europe, said: "There are many fintechs innovating at speed to support net zero carbon emissions targets, and payments networks have a crucial role to play in facilitating this transition. For this work to be realised at scale, they need a partner that can support them on their environmental journey, and Visa has worked with hundreds of businesses globally of all shapes and sizes who are benefitting through our open network. I was encouraged by the quality on show within the programme, and I congratulate the winners of Money20/20 Europe’s Got Access who shone through on this occasion."

Pitching live on stage at Money20/20 Europe will be the following climate champions:

Samantha Duncan, Founder & CEO of Net Purpose: “We are the platform for sustainable and impact investors. We provide facts on companies and investment portfolios so investors can effortlessly measure their environmental performance just as they do their investment returns. We can’t wait to be at Money20/20 to tell you what we’re up to and make this moment matter.”

Klas Klaas, Co-founder of Clima Cash: “We have created Clima Cash to unlock the potential of every individual in the fight against climate change. Today people still think that acting green is costly and difficult - we want to change that by paying real rewards to anyone reducing their own carbon footprint.”

Fredrik Billing, CEO of Eljun: “We believe everybody would choose fossil-free mobility if it was easy and free. This is why we aim to become a global player to facilitate eMobility payments. With a large network of partners, we can financially incentivise end-customers to travel more sustainably.”

Beltran Berrocal, Co-founder & CEO of ZeroLabs: “The world, the markets and governments require that the financial industry steps up to become more sustainable and prove it. We provide digital renewable energy as a service making it super simple for anyone, businesses and individuals, anywhere in the world, to buy renewable energy and prove it. We’re excited to be part of Europe’s Got Access and show how fintechs can easily turn the regulatory headache into a business opportunity."

Gustaf Anselmsson, Co-Founder & CEO of Gokind: “We’re changing the world of financing by providing actionable sustainability and diversity data to banks, investors, and consumers, empowering informed decision-making and promoting responsible consumption and investment. We would like everyone in the Money20/20 ecosystem to join us in creating a new climate-friendly and diverse financial environment.”

The distinguished panel of judges for Europe's Got Access includes:

  • Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Money20/20
  • Dan Rosen, Founding Partner, Commerce Ventures
  • Katherine Brown, Head of Sustainability, Visa
  • Liz Rich, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, Bloomberg L.P.

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