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Money20/20 Europe Presents the Champions of Change

Industry Experts in Regtech, Explainable AI, Green Finance, Financial Inclusion and Machine Learning Take the Stages in Amsterdam

LONDON, 12 May 2023, Money20/20, the world’s leading fintech show, regarded as the place where money does business, is unveiling Money20/20 Europe’s Champions of Change who will be taking their stages at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre on June 6-8th. Seven influential fintech leaders are presenting or moderating sessions as part of the Champions of Change program this year. Dr. Ruth Wandhofer, Executive Director and VC partner at Gauss Ventures, Maria Prados, Head of Vertical Growth at Worldpay, and Mary Agebsanwa, Fintech Growth Lead at investment technology provider Seccl are three fintech leaders moving the industry with impact and wider purpose.

“Moderating sessions and speaking at Money20/20 Europe will elevate Seccl’s presence. Seccl exists to help people invest and invest well. We are a regulated custodian and investment technology provider that powers leading fintechs and advice firms to run their own investment platform, ultimately supporting them to get to market fast and at low cost. Money20/20’s audience of decision makers and senior leadership is exactly where we want to be, allowing us to have productive conversations in an efficient amount of time.” said Mary Agbesanwa,” Fintech Growth Lead at Seccl.

Maarten Stolk, Co-founder and CEO of Deeploy, a company providing businesses with a responsible AI platform for high-risk AI use cases is also a proud champion of change in fintech.

“Responsible and explainable AI becomes increasingly important with AI being used in more high impact cases. It’s a topic that requires awareness and education and I feel honored to moderate and bring attention and transparency to Explainable AI at Money20/20 Europe. Deeploy is a company that essentially makes sure that AI can be used in regulated risk AI cases rebuilding the underlying infrastructure and platform for data teams to safely deploy AI models. Money20/20 is the one leading industry event in Europe where key players in the financial industry are coming together for both business opportunities and inspiration,” said Maarten Stolk, Deeploy Co-founder and CEO of Deeploy.

Money20/20 is also honored to welcome Gerrit Sindermann, Deputy Executive Director at Green Digital Finance Alliance. GDFA is a nonprofit and a catalyst of next generation green digital finance.

“At GDFA, our mission is to drive financial innovation for climate, nature, and biodiversity challenges across the global ecosystem. Money20/20 Europe is a great platform for helping us shape the green digital finance landscape globally. I feel honored to not only moderate sessions with some of the leaders in this space but also collaborate on the program content development. I look forward to inspiring conversations – on and off stage – and very much hope to spark enthusiasm for green digital finance among the conference audience,” said Gerrit Sindermann, Deputy Executive Director at Green Digital Finance Alliance.

Joanne Dewar, Vice Chair for Global Processing Services and Money20/20 VIP speaker will be moderating a panel on financial inclusion named Future of Credit With Affordability in Mind.

“I am honored to be a Champion of Change at Money20/20 Europe. We’re seeing the role of open banking and open finance having an impact on financial inclusion. We’re also noticing that the role of AI and machine learning have a role to play in harnessing the future possibilities for those that aren’t fully included in the financial world and look forward to elevating these important topics at the show. I’m of course also excited to make connections face-to-face and meet dear friends from the industry," said Joanne Dewar, Vice Chair of Global Processing Services.

Aydan Al-Saad, Creator at the startup European Income, a company giving businesses the ability to make fair compensation decisions is a true Champion of Change.

“Money20/20 Europe enables us to reach a broader, more impactful audience. Advocating topics like financial transparency and the gender wage gap provides insights to companies to make educated compensation decisions and something I truly believe the audience will actively take part in. Ravio is disrupting the compensation space by giving businesses the ability to make fair compensation decisions by accessing real-time data. I couldn’t be more excited to lead this important dialogue on the powerful stage that Money20/20 offers,” said Aydan Al-Saad, Head of UK at Ravio & Content Creator at Aydan.

“The Champions of Change is a team of influential, passionate thinkers with impact and purpose beyond the norm leading and disrupting everything from green finance, financial inclusion and explainable AI. We are so excited for our speakers to take their stages in Amsterdam and share their stories and leadership with the world, “ said Tracey Davies, Global President at Money20/20.

About Money20/20

Founded in 2011, Money20/20 creates destination shows where the most innovative people in payments, fintech, and the broader financial services industry connect. Famed for their high-impact networking, the USA edition, held in Las Vegas (23-25 October 2023), and the Europe edition, held in Amsterdam (4-6 June 2024), are regarded as unmissable by financial services professionals. Money20/20 is the space where the industry's smartest visionaries and innovators come together to create the future of money. Money20/20 is an Ascential show.

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