Geniusto International

Geniusto is a technology “Enabler” for banks and credit unions, payment providers, remittance companies, and eMoney issuers on an international scale.

With successful implementations spanning over twenty years, our banking and payment solutions are relied on by regulated institutions in a dozen countries across Europe, the UK, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Simply providing customers with a ‘Mobile App’, is no longer sufficient to fully address both customer and regulatory needs in this dynamic digital environment.

Geniusto provides* The Brains Behind Digital Banking*

[GO] Suite

The Geniusto “[GO] Digital Economy Management Suite”, provides a powerful “All-in-One” solution for an institution to seamlessly manage its complex, regulated, transactionbusiness operations.

Geniusto provides both a reliable, battle tested, matured core platform; and the ability torapidly innovate and remain relevant in this fast-moving digital economy.

The [GO] Suite is ready “out of the box,” and can be layered on top of any Core Banking System, to enable a bank, an EMI, or any Payment Institution to quickly automate their payment process, and scale their business with no bounds. The [GO] Suite is is also “Multi-Tenant” and “Multi-Entity” ready, so you can grow even faster, and unearth new revenue streams.

We’ve built the digital economy management suite of the future. From omni-channel

solutions to multi-tenant capability, with an easy “bank-in-a-box” and low-code

architecture to launch fast, and to configure the way you want it, all on the fly.

Geniusto’s open-architecture solutions are paving the way for the brighter banking future.

Let’s [GO]!

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