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Futurae Technologies AG

Futurae provides a passwordless authentication platform that enables companies to protect customer identities while offering a seamless user experience.
. Our platform is designed for businesses of all sizes, empowering them to protect their customers' data, eliminate risk and detect fraud. Futurae’s user-centric approach reduces human-error and significantly improves security while it eliminates customer support related costs.

Organisations can benefit from a wide range of authentication methods that cover all users’ needs and step into the future of authentication with a true passwordless solution. Our platform accommodates various customer touch-points like transaction confirmation, account recovery, helpdesk authentication, providing a holistic solution that can help protect Digital Identity in the most efficient way

With Futurae’s passwordless authentication you can augment the disparate identity ecosystem and eliminate the gaps that attackers through a comprehensive set of features:

• Passwordless authentication on any device with multi-channel support. • Multi-factor authentication with a wide range of authentication methods. • Transaction confirmation for secure online transactions • 3DS support for secure credit card payments. • Automatic account recovery for a seamless user experience. • User risk radar for real-time detection of potential threats. • Interoperability with existing solutions through modern APIs. • Continuous R&D and innovation for future security threats.

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