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What we do Form3 develop payment technology. We offer a fully managed, payment technology platform for Financial Institutions, as-a-Service.

Form3 has proven that there is a cheaper, simpler and more efficient way for FI’s to handle large payment volumes and scale dynamically without a heavy infrastructure burden.

How we do it Form3 has created a tier-1/enterprise grade payment technology platform on the cloud, built using micro-services. The platform was designed, from inception, to be highly scalable, adaptable and resilient. It enables banks to orchestrate their payments business in a secure, scalable and cost effective way through an API-first, cloud-native platform, deliver ed as an always on, fully managed service. Form3 customers include: Mastercard, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, Square, LHV, N26, Aion Bank and others.

What drives us We want to enable FI's to benefit from the flexibility, business agility and speed to market that an API-first platform brings along with embedded services that ensure they are always future ready.

We continually innovate and learn from our community and our customers and build outcomes that deliver true, lasting value to financial institutions and their end customers.

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