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Fininbox - #1 core banking software as a service (SaaS) provider from Vilnius, Lithuania. We offer a complete, back-to-front functionality for new challenger banks and mature financial institutions.

We have it all right out of the box – comprehensive banking product configurator, all types of SEPA and SWIFT payments, reporting and compliance tools, digital channels (web and native mobile with eKYC), APIs, and 3rd party connectors. If you already have your mobile application, then simply take advantage of our back-end for core banking operations and compliance.

Our services do not just end at software and cloud infrastructure. We also provide necessary software development and system maintenance services, so your bank doesn’t have to worry about it. If you develop your own solutions, then our APIs will ensure the seamless integration with our core.

Whatever the current stage of your business, we can help you. We support customers during their licensing stage and ensure their technical documentation meets the regulator’s requirements. For challenger banks already in operation, we help with smooth data migration and regulatory compliance.

With 20+ customers we take regulatory compliance seriously and our service agreements comply with ISO 27001 and strict EBA guidelines on outsourcing of critical functions.

Fininbox is part of the Forbis group, a leading developer of core banking software which is relied upon by leading international banks and financial institutions to meet the challenges of the modern financial industry.

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