Culture over quota: How fintech can lead the way

Diversity isn’t working. The pledges and promises from financial services firms to build diverse teams have not led to the changes workplace 2.0 needs. 9 out of 10 fintech companies globally have no women board members and senior roles occupied by diverse team members are woefully pigeon-holed. Women are ten times more likely to be head of HR than CTO which leads us to thinking, quotas aren’t the key - culture is!

This session will tackle the issue of how financial services firms need a full stack cultural upgrade - to attract and keep a wider range of talent and deliver the products and returns needed to stay competitive.


Interviewer /Moderator: Audrey Mothupi, CEO, SystemicLogic Group

Interviewee/ Speaker(s):

  • Herbert Wigwe, CEO, Access Bank
  • Ladi Delano, co-CEO, Moove
  • Caroline Emch, Director Government Affairs, American Express
  • Maha El Dimachki, Head of Early and High Growth Oversight, FCA