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FinanceMalta, is a public-private initiative with the objective to promote Malta as an international business and financial centre. Set up in 2007, FinanceMalta brings together and harnesses the resources of the industry and government to ensure Malta maintains a modern and effective legal, regulatory and fiscal framework in which the financial services and fintech sector can continue to grow and prosper. FinanceMalta came on the scene at a critical time, just as Malta entered the Eurozone. The financial services sector is now a major force in the country’s economy. Malta has some significant strengths to offer the industry such as a low-cost environment; more than 80 double taxation agreements; a well-trained, motivated workforce; and a single, robust but approachable regulator. To these, FinanceMalta can add a world-class information and communications technology infrastructure, English as an official language, an enviable climate and its strategic location

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