Fabrick is a European pioneer in Open Finance. Headquartered in Milan and with offices in London, Madrid and Zurich, it operates internationally to enable innovative services in Open Finance by supporting the collaboration of fintechs, businesses and financial institutions.

Fabrick’s technological platform and ecosystem of relationships enables the development of new business models in finance, fostering growth and opportunities for all participants and delivering the concrete advantages of innovation to the end customer, either consumer or business.

Fabrick has embedded platform services into many solutions to address different use cases, from open banking to open payments and beyond. Fabrick, together with its subsidiary Axerve, provides payment orchestration services, as a payment facilitator and global payment gateway aggregator, and Open Banking services through its license as Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Information Service Provider (PISP) passported to 11 countries in Europe.

Fabrick presents the new way of doing finance: open, modular and data-driven and takes this approach to all aspects of the financial ecosystem. For financial institutions, Fabrick represents an ecosystem of innovative services. For fintechs, the network effect created by Fabrick is the opportunity to leverage an open platform infrastructure of partners and services. For corporates, Fabrick is where to find tailor-made solutions to innovate customer journeys.

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