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Lights. Camera. Action!

Purpose-Built Stages To Illuminate The Next Big Idea

Our stages are set to unveil the stories of those exceptional beings, the superhumans, who dare to navigate the collaboration between humans and machines. Prepare to witness a metamorphosis at Money20/20 this 4 - 6 June

The Exchange Stage

Futuristic shipping container meets sports commentary box meets DJ booth. Sounds crazy, right? Unique in concept and programming, The Exchange features some of fintech's most influential superstars - and makes sure they answer ALL the tough questions whilst having fun.

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The Na.i.ture Stage

The Na.i.ture Stage, an enchanting fusion of organic allure and synthetic innovation. Here, nature intertwines seamlessly with mechanisation, creating a captivating ambiance that sets the stage for transformative discussions and relaxing, yet engaging panels.

Step into this hybrid haven where thought-provoking talks seamlessly blend with networking opportunities and interact Q&A sessions.

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The Singularity Stage

Step into the exclusive realm of The Singularity Stage, a hidden gem offering deep-dive sessions into pivotal industry queries and discussions.

This is your rendezvous point for elite content and post-event networking. Make it count.

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Rise Up / Amplify Stage

Incredible success stories from incredible, game-changing people. This stage represents the heart and soul of the amazing individuals who make up our RiseUp and Amplify community. An exclusive stage for Rise Up and Amplify cohorts only.

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The Summits Stage

Ascend to new heights at The Summits Stage; crowned by a towering industrial robot, poised to drive immersive, thought-provoking discussions deep into the heart of Money20/20's key themes.

After each Summit, join dedicated networking sessions with food and beverages. It's not just a stage; it's an interactive space where you can listen or participate.

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Horizon Stage

Get ready to indulge in straight to the point, digestible content sessions hosted by some of the industry's bravest leaders.

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The MoneyPot Booth

Beezzzzzz sure to stop by the home of the official Money20/20 podcast where you can enjoy all the action live inside the hive studio - from the non-sticky comfort of the viewing lounge. Grab some headphones and a sofa and tune into insightful conversations and deep dive debates in podcast form. Warning: mind the bees in the bushes.

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This Is Not An Expo. It's An Experience. Check Out These Activations

Not your typical business event, check out other happenings live on our show floor that'll give your team back at home some serious FOMO.

The Swag Shop

Move over fashion influencers, swap your gold coins for limited edition Money20/20 swag and be the next icon.

The Mind Tap Bar

Focus your mind...Tap into your pint-pouring powers...Get ready for a networking experience never seen before.

Nails & Kicks

Fix up and look sharp ready for your next meeting in minutes at the Money20/20 Nails & Kicks boutique!

The Zen Den

Take a moment to sit back and unwind from the hustle and bustle in The Zen Den.