Get Ahead of the Game with Money20/20's Embedded Futures

Level up your career in money and immerse yourself in our dedicated content sessions running over the course of three game-changing days alongside our one-of-a-kind show. This is your chance to take part in tailored workshops and exclusive opportunities to mingle with top education partners to uncover your next career path in money.

Whether you're seeking to expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, or network with industry leaders, Money20/20 will be right here to support you every step of the way. We're not just shaping the future of the industry, we're also helping to shape your future in money.


Money2020 is the place to develop your skills and enhance your business understanding.


With over 7,500 attendees from 2,300 companies, Money20/20 is home to unbeatable networking.


At Money20/20, every day's a school day, whether you're a fintech veteran or just starting out.

There's something for everyone


/ Utilize the wide range of activities on the showfloor

/ Surround yourself with like-minded business-savvy individuals

/ Understand the growing industry of fintech

/ Identify a career path or upskill on current skills and knowlegde


/ Take your trip to Money20/20 one step further, become an education partner for the show

/ Gain access to driven individuals looking for their next scoop or potential career move

/ Take pride in knowing that you are shaping the future of money

/ Grow your network with the brightest minds in fintech

Venture Capital's

/ Showcase how startups and VC's create a successful journey

/ Share your knowledge around scaling up a buisness, and what this means for the VC, the startup and the shareholders

/ Expose the tricks-of-the-trade to eager opportunity focused delegates


/ Complete the startup journey at Money20/20 by understanding what a complete A-Z of a sucessful startup looks like

/ Take part in demonstrations, ask questions and connect with potential new partners

/ Gain exposure to the latest trends, tips and insights on the showfloor

Education Partners

/ Access exclusive benefits to being a Money20/20 Education Partner

/ Immerse yourself in the experience to identify key, practical takeaways

/ Connect with like-minded individuals

Experience more at our show

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