What question can you answer better than anyone else in the world?


We are not in the business of consistency. We like to be first. So this year, we are ripping up the rulebook on how an agenda should be structured. Rather than theme our content by industry sub-sector (banking, payments, DLT etc.), like you’ve seen at every conference ever, this year, our agenda will be structured around the biggest questions that keep everyone in the industry up at night.

These hard-hitting questions will help the audience work out how to adapt to a continuously evolving environment – how to get comfortable with the constant change, deal with uncertainty, work out new differentiators, and stay ahead of the competition.

Long story short, here are the eight big questions we are organising our agenda around:

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Every one of these big questions is a universe in itself. There is no single or simple answer to any of them, and we’re not looking for you to answer one of these questions on your own. We want you to show a perspective, a lens, an angle: a factor that actively impacts how others can answer the question for themselves. It’s a Matryoshka doll that we wantyou to unpack with us.

Think of each question as a puzzle. Do you have a piece of it? Want to tell us how success at scale looks like, for example, from a talent acquisition or fundraising perspective? How to evolve your technology stack depending on your stage of development? How to minimize your incremental CAC and maximize the LTV? Bring your piece and assemble the whole picture with us.

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