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Equals Money

Equals Money is the money movement solution for forward thinking teams. We offer a range of products to best suit your business needs, from corporate cards and an online platform to manage spend to in-house currency expertise to support you through making international payments.

In addition to our expense management and international payments offerings for business, our access to local payments networks allows us to offer bespoke payments solutions for large corporate or enterprise customers and other Financial Institutions via global collection accounts, Payments as a Service, and the Equals Money platform.

Whether you need physical or virtual cards to enable and stay on top of team spend or bespoke payments solutions, our platform combines cutting-edge technology, support from currency experts, and thorough compliance. 1 Let us take the stress out of money movement.

Currency is unpredictable and fluctuates in the best of times, making costs difficult to manage in any circumstance. If you need to make international payments, access over 100 currencies and our in-house currency expertise to help you stay on top of volatile markets. Your account manager will monitor the markets for you and alert you to movements in your chosen currency pairs. Additionally, you can book what’s called a forward contract and lock in rates up to 24 months in advance of a payment. Given the volatility of the current climate, the stability of a forward contract to facilitate payments for goods and services can often outweigh the potential disadvantage of any rates moving further in your favour. You’ll also get access to UK Faster Payments and SEPA to make rapid and convenient payments.

Business spend is inevitable: with an account from Equals Money, make it one less thing to worry about.

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