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Ellipse World, Inc. (“Ellipse”) is a Los Angeles-based FinTech company that defines the latest advancements in smart card technology. Ellipse’s mission is to make e-commerce transactions secure in a digital world, and to create simple solutions that address the global payment ecosystem’s needs. With that in mind, Ellipse’s team of leading payment technology experts developed the EVC® All-In-One EMV micromodule. Payment cards with the EVC (Ellipse Verification Code) module integrate a small screen that displays a dynamic security code, which changes every time the card is tapped or dipped at a Point Of Sale terminal, ATM, or mobile app. The new security code can then be used for any subsequent Card Not Present (CNP) or online transaction; the next time the card is tapped or dipped, the code will change again. This changing code generates an extra layer of security against CNP fraud and eliminates false declines.