Ellipse World, Inc. (“Ellipse”) is a Los Angeles-based FinTech company that defines the latest advancements in smart card technology. Ellipse’s mission is to make e-commerce transactions secure in a digital world, and to create simple solutions that address the global payment ecosystem’s needs. With that in mind, Ellipse developed the EVC® All-In-One EMV micromodule. Payment cards equipped with the EVC (Ellipse Verification Code) module integrate a screen that displays a dynamic security code, which changes every time the card is tapped or dipped at a Point Of Sale terminal, ATM, or mobile app. The new security code can then be used for any subsequent Card Not Present (CNP) or online transaction; the next time the card is tapped or dipped, the code will change again. This changing code generates an extra layer of security against CNP fraud and eliminates false declines. Ellipse’s global team spans the US, Europe, and Asia, and is comprised of leading payment technology experts who are committed to creating new value for the payment industry.