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Dejamobile provides white-label solutions designed for the use on mobile devices and dedicated to secure digital transactions including payments, gifting, mobility, and loyalty use cases.

The two core solutions from our portfolio are addressing the needs of the payments industry, supporting both the Issuing and Acceptance sides of the ecosystem.

ReadyToTap™ Payment for Merchants is a software-only POS solution certified with the industry standards from PCI, Visa and Mastercard. Designed with the needs of acquirers, payment facilitators, and merchant service providers in mind, ReadyToTap™ Payment for Merchants helps all types of businesses grow with a cost-effective and easy-to-use contactless payment acceptance solution. For merchants, accepting payments becomes as simple as downloading an app. Any NFC-enabled Android device can be transformed into a secure card payment acceptance solution, without the need for any dedicated or external hardware.

ReadyToTap™ Payment for Issuers is addressing the increasing consumer demand for NFC mobile payments and digital wallets, including stand-alone Issuer wallets to OEM Pay enablement and token management. Thanks to our expertise in digital payments and software security, we are on the mission to facilitate the adoption of contactless mobile payments for the greatest number.

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