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Darwinium is the next evolution in digital risk, sitting at the intersection between fraud and abuse prevention. Unlike Charles Darwin’s legacy, Darwinium’s motto is ‘Survival of the Unfittest’; protecting those least able to protect themselves and ensuring everyone has access to the best defenses we can build.

Darwinium provides intelligence, continuous profiling and user behavior tracking; before digital traffic hits your website, through every interaction a customer has with you. But what is truly unique is it allows businesses to use this information to target both good and bad behavior in real time.

Human-initiated attacks have progressed to machines training machines to fight machines. If the first generation of digital risk prevention was defined by who had the largest contributory data set, the next generation of digital risk prevention will be defined by those who can adapt the fastest.

Darwinium is designed to delight not insult, detect not disable and automate not overload. It is security and protection at scale, with low-touch integration and immediate control. A decision control platform that is future-proofed against new and evolving business challenges.

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