Cybernetica has earned a reputation of being the key player in the design and implementation of some of the world’s most advanced e-Government solutions. Our deep knowledge of e-Government and mission-critical software earnt over decades of successful projects completed to the highest security standards make us a valuable asset for those governments or organisations looking to create or improve systems or services in the relevant domains. Cybernetica focuses on the development and implementation of innovative ICT security, e-Government systems, and maritime surveillance systems.

Throughout its existence, Cybernetica’s main research field has been cryptology and information security. The main research goals are related to various theoretical and practical aspects of Cryptography, including Public Key Infrastructure, Time-Stamping, Secure Multiparty Computation, as well as other aspects of database security and copyright problems.

Cybernetica is a private research and development company, original equipment manufacturer and solutions provider active in the field of Information and Communication Technologies with two decades of experience in delivering complex high-security solutions. We provide dependable and efficient mission-critical systems for professional communication and eGovernment services. Cybernetica's research and development activities are an inseparable part of main business lines, with the basic research focused on information and data security (cryptographic protocols, threat analysis, processing confidential data).

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