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CRIF is a global company on the same mission that led to its creation more than 30 years ago: creating value and new opportunities for banks, financial institutions, utility companies, and other businesses eager to be innovative. CRIF offers advanced solutions to decision-makers to help them plan and develop new strategies incorporating business information, as well as credit solutions and processes.

CRIF.Digital - a CRIF Group brand - is an open collaborative platform with solutions exploiting the powerful opportunities generated by PSD2. CRIF Digital solutions speed up business digital transformation, lead to better performance, and offer end customers a smooth user experience.

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STRANDS is a FinTech software company, part of the CRIF Group, which develops AI-driven solutions for banks and financial institutions to help increase customer engagement and generate new revenue through digital channels. With the mission of improving the bank-client relationship, Strands draws on its more than 15 years’ experience in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, developing highly-personalized digital money management solutions that empower people to better manage their lives and their businesses, and to make smarter financial decisions.

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