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Money20/20 Europe continues to be Europe’s biggest FinTech event and there’s plenty of reasons why.

Over three packed days, the market leading event facilitates thousands of meetings across the entire Financial Services community, igniting the sparks for ground-breaking industry disruptions to be born.

However, the true value found in Amsterdam can’t be attained in the office. In an increasingly digital world, the rarity and productivity that stems from face-to-face meetings and connections is more highly-regarded and irreplaceable than ever.

We really want to see you at Money20/20 Europe, and we know you want to be there too! Getting sign off isn’t always the easiest process, so we have provided the many ways to deliver the very best return on your investment, to demonstrate to your boss the ultimate business case for joining the entire Financial Services, payments and FinTech community this June.

We’ve made it simple for you to pitch your boss by breaking down the top reasons to attend:

  • Ground breaking curated content from leading brands & pioneers:

    Take your front-row seat to witness the world’s leading visionaries who have already changed their own industries, unearthing the next innovation to drive Financial Services forward.

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    Success comes from staying in the know, and this is where leaders come to share and create tomorrow’s game-changing news. Immerse yourself in all the learnings, presentations and case studies that will give you access to the most cutting-edge disruptions before they hit the mainstream.

  • AI-powered networking opportunities & more:

    For 2019 we are introducing a new AI-powered scheduling tool, designed to make it easier than ever to plan those critical meetings so you can maximize your time and schedule. Each day, you can also meet like-minded attendees through a series of cool meetups, expo hall receptions and dedicated networking parties in the evenings.

  • Connect with the budget holders & decision makers:

    Only at Money20/20 will you find all the power players shaping the future of money in one conducive space. As the epicenter of the industry, you’ll get in front of those that you need to meet, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

  • Maximum ROI:

    With so much taking place over these three days, be prepared to connect with the industry’s most influential players ready to do business. Be prepared to discover the latest news, disruptions and technologies that will change the industry. Be prepared to leave exhausted, inspired and equipped with actionable takeaways, leads and insights that will ensure you’ve gotten the maximum ROI at Money20/20 Europe.

Sometimes we all need help getting the conversation started. Lucky for you, we’ve already drafted a letter to send to your boss – just fill in the blanks and you’re on your way to Amsterdam! We've also added an event overview that breaks down the value of Money20/20 as well as our attendee and sector demographics. No need to thank us now, you can tell us in-person, onsite.

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