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The global pandemic changed the power dynamics in the payments industry by compressing 5 years worth of change into less than a year. Existing trends were dramatically accelerated as businesses and consumers continue to shift towards e-commerce, contactless and mobile payments. While the digitization of payments took off, so did a surge in fraud and cybersecurity concerns.

Get a flavour of the conversations Money20/20 ignites and check out some of the biggest names in payments drop their latest insights shaping the future.

What Black Friday is telling us about consumers

Plug into our podcast, The Moneypot, as we talk to AMEX'S Executive Vice President and General Manager- US Consumer Marketing, about what trends they are seeing and how retail can flourish despite the challenges the world currently faces.

Market dynamics, M&A opportunities, PMI challenges

Watch the conversation we had at MoneyFest, asking BCG's Managing Director and Partner what's the rationale behind the current wave of M&A activity in the industry, plus lots more razor sharp insights.

How the ecosystem is changing across Europe

Don't fix what's not broken, or drive forward into new territory? These are the questions facing MasterCard Europe's President. Watch our MoneyFest session diving into his view on partnerships, the firm's glocalisation strategy, and how he sees the future of payments.

Why Europe needs a new payment solution

Watch our fireside chat we had at MoneyFest with the ECB’s Head of Market Infrastructure and Payments discussing the desired attributes for any new pan-European retail payments solution, plus the status of the current European Payment Initiative.

B2B payments get a real-time reality check

As other faster payment options come online, customer demand will shift from interest to expectation. Watch this panel of payments experts we united at MoneyFest discussing the top factors shaping B2B-payments in the US.

IoT payments go full throttle

"Connected cars" have come a long way since the iconic DeLorean featured in Back to the Future. Buckle up and watch our MoneyFest conversation on the disruptive forces redefining payments in the automotive fleet industry.

Reinventing the checkout

Watch our MoneyFest conversation with and Farfetch sharing insights on driving control of their top-line revenue by improving their ability to both optimize the performance of transactions and increase their control over how they pay out their partners.


We’ve tapped into the mind of James Butland, VP of Global Banking & Head of Europe, Airwallex as part of our online series, Disruptors. Check out our rapid fire interview to discover what’s in an innovator’s DNA.

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