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The arms race for digital currencies is on with many now seeing Bitcoin as digital gold and Ethereum as digital oil. The People's Bank of China central bank digital currency is in trials in different cities. Both the UK Bank of England and the US Fed are looking seriously at issuing CBDC's. But what does all this change for the consumer? Maybe everything.

Get a flavour of the conversations Money20/20 ignites and check out some of the biggest industry names, dropping their latest insights shaping the future.

Why every bank will have its own digital currency

CBDCs have the potential to revolutionise monetary supply, boost financial inclusion and challenge financial fraud. Watch this MoneyFest conversation with the Czech National Bank, leading fintechs and analysts asking which CBs model will prove successful.

The disruption masterclass

Check out this MoneyFest conversation with legendary founder and disruptor, Steve Wozniak, sharing where he sees the next wave of disruption coming from and what qualities will define the founders that will succeed.

The future of money as we know it

In this podcast episode of The Moneypot we speak to Jesse McWaters, VP of Digital Policy, MasterCard on the impact of digital currencies on tomorrow’s consumer.

Who is going to redesign global finance?

The global financial system is broken. In this podcast episode of The Moneypot we speak to Shamir Karkal, Founder of Sila about the global race to see who will re-design the financial system as we know it.

Blockchain party just getting started

In this podcast episode of The Moneypot podcast we speak to Marwan Forzley, CEO and Founder of Veem about the current and future states of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Asia's headstart on digital currencies

Facebook's Libra may have grabbed the headlines, but the true leaders in Central Bank issued digital currencies are in Asia. In this podcast episode we speak to Henri Arslanian, PwC FinTech & Crypto Global Leader about this race for viability and broad acceptance.

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