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Financial Crime Risk Assessment Tool for risk management teams across regulated sectors

Regulated firms are required to establish and operate efficient and risk-based internal programs for financial crime prevention. The overall risk management framework starts with and is guided by understanding and assessing the risks relevant to the firm’s business. Complok has designed a software solution which saves time for compliance teams by automating the workload, enabling flexible data processing, designing automated input for reporting, and keeping the records of the work done.

Complok Financial Crime Risk Assessment Tool allows the firms to:

  1. Operate the internal risk assessment process through single software solution.
  2. Identify and keep record of the identified threats and vulnerabilities inherent to the firm’s business.
  3. Run the risk assessment exercise in a semi-automated solution.
  4. Operate and record risk management activities by establishing and running treatment actions and monitoring activities.
  5. Extract easily reports and conclusions as input for the Management Information package or for responding to external enquiries.

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