Xpress Money Services Ltd.

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Xpress Money Services Ltd.

Website: https://www.xpressmoney.com

Xpress Money is one of the fastest growing money transfer brands in the world. Established in 1999 in the United Kingdom, the company has grown exponentially and has spread its geographical presence across 160 countries. The company has transformed and fast multiplied its global network of partners and strategic alliances, that include renowned international money transfer operators (IMTOs), banking as well as non-banking institutions, telcos and online remittance players. Amongst the IMTOs, Xpress Money has one of the strongest networks through partnerships that have a network of over 160000 locations worldwide. Xpress Money is committed to working towards developing innovative payment solutions such as Cash Payouts, Account Credits, Cardless Payouts through ATMs, Credits to Remit Cards & Mobile Wallets and Door Delivery Services to support the growing expatriate community across the world.

For companies looking to venture into the remittance business Xpress Money’s business solutions are designed to provide customizable options based on their business needs. Whether a money transfer brand is looking to expand its reach or a retail chain, telco, banking or non-banking business wants to offer remittance services to its existing customer base, Xpress Money has a solution for all.

Xpress Money is part of the Finablr network of brands. With category renowned brands in its fold, Finablr provides a broad array of innovative and trusted financial solutions for consumers, corporates and enterprises, through its deep regulatory know-how, relentless focus on technological innovation and a global network of retail stores, digital channels, payments platforms and industry partnerships.

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