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Website: https://vlot.ch/

Our tech helps insurers, banks but also corporate employers to be present and effectively provide value in context of their clients’ or employees’ relevant life events and decisions.

The vlot platform provides individuals and families with easy access to a holistic and understandable analysis of available country-specific state and employer-related risk benefits (in the event of death or disability). The platform further enables end-customers to seamlessly close an identified income protection gap through a tailored life insurance.

The magic of vlot? It puts end-customers and their magic moments such as getting married, giving birth to a baby or buying a house at centre stage. We don’t stop after life insurance was bought but give ongoing guidance as to when a coverage amendment – up or downwards – makes sense. With vlot, life insurance becomes live.

We have a B2C demo case live in Switzerland since February 2019. Our essence though lies in offering our tech stack B2B on a white label basis (SaaS fee model) – in a full-fledged, end-to-end proposition or focusing on individual modules:

  • Dynamic income protection gap analysis engine
  • Dynamic life insurance application workflow
  • Workflow-embedded life insurance underwriting portal

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