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Website: https://utopia.ai

Utopia Thinking Systems develops AI solutions that are disrupting customer care and contact systems by means of Deep Learning usage (Deep Neural Networks).

New value and functionality is uprooted in traditional CRM and contact centers thanks to the improvement in human beings work who work at those places who by means of our tools suite are empowered to carry out only supervision and correction chores.

utopia.AI is changing the way commercial liaisons between clients and providers are handled allocating value to each second of human work.

Traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and contact centers gain added value and improved efficiency through the optimisation of the work carried out by call center agents. Our portfolio of services transforms an agent’s roll to that of exclusively supervision and correction.

Neural networks trained by utopia.AI for the processing of natural languages and emotions develop personalised products, specific to the sector and corporate profile of each organisation.

Save between 30% and 60% of your agents’ time through our AI tools, designed for the intelligent management of your email, chat and telephone systems.

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