Union FinTech

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Union FinTech

Website: https://www.unionfintech.com

Union FinTech is an innovative financial technology company powering the digital transformation of financial services.

Launched in 2012 we have developed a range of client engagement, compliance, marketplace, loan management and digital core solutions which are available as modules or integrated to provide full front-to-back infrastructure. Today we help regional banks, credit unions, lenders, FinTechs, insurance companies and FX traders to improve their client value propositions, profitability and business model agility.

Clients choose Union FinTech because our cutting-edge technology is open to API, customisable, Cloud hosted, real-time and client centric. We support this with domain expertise and a flexible approach.

Union I platform provides a digital core which supports smart automation, innovation and transformation. Modules including client records, messaging, deal management, payments, accounting and reporting allow you to manage critical business processes. Agile architecture which is open to API, customisable and Cloud hosted allows you to deliver effective operations. Union I platform supports a range of financial services including Banking, Credit Unions and Lending.

Union FinTech is based in Tallinn, Estonia and active across the Nordic-Baltic region. We are now seeking to expand our presence in Europe and emerging markets.

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