Website: https://www.typingdna.com/

TypingDNA is a behavioral biometrics company, protecting online users based on how they type on their keyboards. TypingDNA has developed technology that expands the limited biometric authentication options, not requiring specialized sensors or advanced hardware. It works with existing keyboards and can be used to protect a wide variety of use cases.

The company provides a commercial authentication API suitable for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and online biometric authentication. The product can be integrated into any corporate or consumer app, including SaaS, web apps, online learning, and payment providers, to enable two-factor authentication. Organizations around the world use the company’s AI-based typing biometrics technology to improve online security through passive and frictionless authentication.

TypingDNA’s API is implemented by companies in various industries such as Financial and Banking Institutions as well as cybersecurity companies and educational organizations.

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