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Slide is a banking and cashflow app, built to help small businesses better manage their cash. 

Unfortunately, too many small businesses fail - around 60% within their first 5 years. It often has little to do with how popular or profitable their products/services. They fail because they run out of cash, due to poor cash management or unlucky circumstances like a key customer not paying on time. 

Cash is hard to manage because financial information comes from many sources and only tells you what’s already happened, not what’s needed to make good cash decisions in the future.

That’s why we created Slide – a banking app that combines a business’s financial and banking data to give a complete cash view on one app - their yesterday, today and tomorrow. Slide helps businesses manage this cash, from adding invoices and estimates to making and delaying payments. 

Our partner programme helps banks, lenders and others with small business customers access rich data streams to improve their customer offerings.

If you run a business or have small business customers visit us at Stand L11 or at for more information and a free trial.

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